The BUBBA Trophy Series made of 6 Races 

Make sure you have all licenses from each sanctioning body to complete the BUBBA Trophy Series. EFTA allows racers to enter any category with a one-day license. Note: As of 2016 USAC now allows Cat 1 racers to buy day of licenses. 

The following series incentives are in play for men and women:

BUBBA Trophy Series Points will be tracked for the following categories: 

  • Open Men

  • Open Women

  • Open Single Speed Men

  • Open Single Speed Women

  • Specialized E-XC Open Men

  • Specialized E-XC Open Women

  • Cat 1/Expert Men 12-18

  • Cat 1/Expert Men 19-39

  • Cat 1/Expert Men 40-49

  • Cat 1/Expert Men 50+

  • Cat 1/Expert Men 60+

  • Cat 1/Expert Women 12-18

  • Cat 1/Expert Women 19-39

  • Cat 1/Expert Women 40+

  • Cat 2/Sport Men 12-18

  • Cat 2/Sport Men 19-39

  • Cat 2/Sport Men 40-49

  • Cat 2/Sport Men 50+

  • Cat 2/Sport Men 60+

  • Cat 2/Sport Women 12-18

  • Cat 2/Sport Women 19-39

  • Cat 2/Sport Women 40+

Pro/Cat 1 Open/Elite: 1st- HUGE Trophy 2nd- Big Trophy 3rd- Trophy Expert/Cat 1/Cat2 and SS: Championship winning Jerseys. 

For Beginner/Cat3 racers, you will not be classified as a championship, but will still be eligible for race day podiums.

Events Points: Scoring best 5 out of 6 events. 

  • 1st = 40

  • 2nd = 30

  • 3rd = 25

  • 4th = 20

  • 5th =16

  • 6th = 12

  • 7th = 8

  • 8th = 4

  • 9th = 2

  • 10th = 1

*EFTA races have 40+ and under 40 women categories, but for series scoring ONLY we will split it at under 35/over 35 from those results. 

**At USAC races, Cat 1 Singlespeed counts toward the series.

For Points and Scoring Contact:


Specialized E-XC

#1 Secret Squirrel p/b 508 Cycles, May 19th  

#2 Highland MTB Park Classic, June 2nd

#3 The Boston Barn Burner, Aug 4th


E-XC Rules

Medical Insurance: BUBBA Trophy Series Racing, its promoters, and affiliates do not provide medical insurance for competitors, and we urge you not to compete without it. Medical insurance is the sole responsibility of the competitor. Ride at your own risk.

Class 1: Pedal Assist Bicycles with a motor-powered speed of 20 mph and motor wattage of <=750 watts eligible only.

What is a Class 1 E-bike? Class 1 E-Bike or low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle, is equipped with a assist motor that provides boost only when the rider is pedaling and that stops providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph.

No home built e-bikes are allowed and stock OE gearing only.

 Production Rule: OEM motor and matching frame combination model required (matching year NOT required). Aftermarket frames are prohibited. Once qualified for the meet the bike’s frame may not be replaced.

Throttle mechanisms are prohibited.

Bikes may be tested by officials any time prior to, during or after the event. A bike that passes a pre-race inspection is subject to further inspection or protest at any time during the race program. A rider who refuses to turn over their bike for inspection or measurement at the request of the referee or meet

The Riders Meeting will be conducted on the Start Line before the start of each race. All riders are responsible for attending.

 Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Persons whose appearance, conduct, associations or affiliations, on or off the track, deemed harmful or not conducive to the best interest of the sport or who exhibit conduct which is inappropriate, offensive, abrasive or in bad taste, may be excluded or suspended from GNCC at the discretion of the Race Director.