2019 Race Schedule

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For 2019 the BUBBA Trophy Series brings back the fun and excitement with some fresh changes to finish out the latest decade of cross-country mountain biking in the Northeast. 

With a new season of mountain biking ahead the BUBBA Burger trophy series keeps the classics and makes a few changes to excite cross country mountain bike racers in the Northeast. 

Round 1 of the BUBBA Trophy Series brings back the Bear Brook Classic p/b State 9 Racing on May 11th.  The flowing trails of Bear Brook, New Hampshire are extremely popular with hundreds of racers lining up for the first major race of the season. Early season fitness may be limited to those who want to want to break out and grab those Athlos Sports leaders jerseys early on. 

Round 2 Rockhard Racing’s Secret Squirrel takes place on May 19th at Massasoit State Park in East Taunton, MA.  With a new date and a new venue, the second race in the series is expected to draw a big crowd. 

Round 3 is all new as the series throws it back the good old days of New England mountain biking. With a fast flowing start, moderate to steep climbing and gnarly descending.  The Highland Mountain Bike Park Classic on June 2nd insures that the best mountain bikers in the East prove their abilities on the old school course.  Amenities at Highland include a restaurant, bar, & bathrooms.  Highland’s accessibility from highway off I93 also makes it very attractive as a racing venue and an excellent place to hang out and bring your friend’s and family. Be sure to work on those classic mountain bike skills if you plan to stay ahead of the pack at Highland. 

Round 4 is back to Ascutney in Vermont for Gnar Weasels on July 6th.  Gnar has become one of the most popular XC courses on the East Coast and is a real test for amateurs and professionals. Weasels Productions insure the vibe is fun and laid back. Expect race headquarters to be at the all new outdoor center thanks to the dedicated and hardworking Ascutney Trails association. Also, the Pro payouts at Gnar insure some popular names in pro racing are in attendance. 

Round 5, The Barn Burner XC, home to weekday short track and many local Boston area racers becomes the penultimate round of the 2019 BUBBA Trophy Series on Aug 4th.  The tradition of changing the course every year in amongst the twisting trails of Adams Farm keeps the fresh approach to the event.  The Barn Burner is hosted by the Blue Hills Cycling Club one of the biggest and most dedicated cycling clubs in New England. 

Round 6, the grand finale takes place on Aug 24th and 25th in Catamount Vermont.  The Julbo Eastern Grind UCI weekend is hosted by Bicycle Express Racing of Waterbury, Vermont and is scheduled the weekend before UCI Worlds at Mount Saint Anne in Canada. Not only will the BUBBA Trophy Series crown the series Champions at the event, but we’ll also be crowning the New England World Champions with their own custom New England Worlds jersey. New England World Champions will be for Sport, Expert, and Elite Open riders. 

Also, look for the best UCI mountain bikers on the world scene to battle in out on the woods side course. Names like Kate Courtney, Howard Grotts and local legend Lea Davison have all raced the famous venue and expect them to bring their friends for the JULBO Eastern Grind UCI weekend in August. 

Stayed tuned to BUBBA Trophy Series and BUBBAtrophy.com our next announcement on Jan 1st!  

BUBBA Trophy Series 2019

Bear Brook Classic, Allentown, NH May 11th

Secret Squirrel, Massasoit State Park, East Taunton, MA May 19th

The Highland Mountain Bike Park Classic, Northfield, NH June 2nd

Gnar Weasels, Ascutney, Vermont, July 6th 

The Barn Burner, Adams Farm, Walpole, MA Aug 4th

The Julbo Eastern Grind, Catamount, Vermont Aug 24th and 25th

The 2019 BUBBA Trophy Series is produced by Cyclesportif of North Andover, Massachusetts

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